As one of New York’s most trusted and well-established providers of electrostatic disinfection services, Xyfection is pleased to announce that we’re now offering our services to businesses in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding region.  Electrostatic disinfection is an EPA-approved process and arguably among the most effective ways to ensure health and safety in the workplace.  Numerous studies have shown that electrostatic disinfection is proven to kill COVID-19 on contact, along with a myriad of other potentially harmful pathogens.

Whether you operate a restaurant, a gym, or a busy office complex, Xyfection makes it easy to provide your staff, customers and guests with the confidence they deserve.  Its results are superior to virtually all other forms of disinfection, including commercial-grade sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and store-bought surface wipes. 

  • Reaches areas that traditional sanitizers simply can’t
  • An affordable way to reduce call-ins and absenteeism
  • Safely re-enter your facility in as little as 30 minutes
  • Helps break the chain of pathogenic mobility
  • Scientifically proven to kill COVID-19 on contact
  • Utilizes today’s most advanced anti-pathogenic technology
  • No odors, fumes or residue remain after disinfection
  • Provides greater peace of mind for your staff and guests

Learn More About Electrostatic Disinfection in Syracuse

If you run a business or commercial property in the Syracuse, NY area and would like more information on what makes Xyfection’s electrostatic disinfection services the leading choice among other local businesses, get in touch today to schedule an appointment or get answers to your questions.

Xyfection has been serving New York businesses for over a decade, and is proud to now be offering our innovative disinfection services to those in the greater Syracuse area.  We can be reached by phone at 888-231-6441 during regular business hours, or write to us anytime via email by visiting the contact page on our website.

To learn more about having your office or facility expertly disinfected with Xyfection, as well as information on our technology or franchise opportunities, get in touch with the Xyfection team today by filling out the short form on our contact page.

Or give us a call at 888-231-6441. Xyfection is based in Auburn, NY.