With more and more homeowners, landlords and residential property managers looking to ensure the highest levels and health and safety, Xyfection offers advanced electrostatic disinfection services for homes, rental properties, apartment complexes and other residential settings.  Unlike traditional cleaning services and store-bought disinfectants, the advanced electrostatic disinfection technology used by Xyfection offers unmatched levels of protection.

Xyfection electrostatic disinfection utilizes the most innovative and effective anti-pathogenic technology available today, providing 360 degree touchless disinfection capable of reaching areas, surfaces and crevices that others frequently miss.  Our system is EPA-approved, proven to kill COVID-19 on contact, and expertly applied by one of our certified technicians.

  • The most advanced, innovative and effective electrostatic disinfection available
  • Breaks the chain of pathogenic mobility to reduce the spread of contagious disease
  • EPA-approved for safety and efficacy, and proven to kill COVID-19 on contact
  • An effective solution for homeowners, apartment complexes and rental properties 
  • Each application is uniquely customized to provide the most effective results
  • Xyfection disinfection is expertly applied by one of our skilled, certified technicians
  • For more technical information be sure to visit our How It Works page  

Advanced Residential Disinfection for Health, Safety and Peace of Mind

Whether you own a home, manage a residential complex or rent a vacation property, you know how vital it is today to ensure the health and safety of all who dwell within.  To schedule service or learn more about why Xyfection is today’s most trusted and effective disinfection service, get in touch with our staff and we’ll be happy to help.

Xyfection is based in Auburn NY and has locations throughout the entire state.  For immediate assistance, get in touch by phone at 888-231-6441 or write to us through the contact page on our secured website.

To learn more about having your office or facility expertly disinfected with Xyfection, as well as information on our technology or franchise opportunities, get in touch with the Xyfection team today by filling out the short form on our contact page.

Or give us a call at 888-231-6441. Xyfection is based in Auburn, NY.