Antimicrobial film is a top-coat layer that can be added to the surface of any number of materials, including adhesive materials such as labels and tape. The film contains a powerful and safe bacteria-blocking agent called Agion, which is produced by the combination of silver ions and zeolite. Agion is a natural solution that prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria by preventing bacterial cell multiplication. The solution is safe to touch, non-toxic, and non-irritating. When the silver ions are paired with zeolite, Agion is able to stop cell metabolism and growth, which helps to stop the transmission of biological contaminants.

Ability to fight and reduce the spread of bacteria and other biological contaminants

Added safety for workers, customers, and products

Compatible with a wide range of surfaces

Resistance to water and wash

Effective for use accross a range of temperatures

Non-toxic and safe for the envionment

Long-lasting performance

Durable and tear-resistant

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