With more than 36 years in the janitorial industry, Robert Blount knows more than a thing or two about sanitation! He has built a solid reputation as a professional, one that began with a part-time cleaning job at a country club when he was a college student.

For some reason Robert wasn’t included on the company’s payroll for the cleaning project, so he invoiced the country club directly. That brainstorm turned out to be his first footstep into the cleaning industry – but as a self-employed contractor! Before you can say “you missed a spot” he was receiving referrals and had more work “than I could shake a stick at.”

It wasn’t long after that Robert founded CleanStart Systems, a one stop source for cleaning service, providing customers with quality janitorial services. The CleanStart Systems business model proved to be so successful in several New York state locations that he opened it up to franchisees throughout New York and other areas of the country.

A couple years ago Robert realized that flu season was a bane of existence to companies and manufacturers of all sizes and varieties. Those roughly six months out of the year account for a huge uptick in workplace absenteeism.  So, with entrepreneurial spirit fully intact he developed a proprietary system based on proven electrostatic disinfection concepts and the Xyfection business model was born. More about how this potential disinfectant game-changer works in a minute, but for now, let’s just say that timing is everything. If the novel coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that there is no such thing as “too clean.” 

The Xyfection team has increased its business by leaps since March of 2020 – and we all know why – so Robert and staff are now prepared to open the Xyfection opportunity to franchisees.

To learn more about having your office or facility expertly disinfected with Xyfection, as well as information on our technology or franchise opportunities, get in touch with the Xyfection team today by filling out the short form on our contact page.

Or give us a call at 888-231-6441. Xyfection is based in Auburn, NY.