Thank you for visiting the Xyfection franchising website. We believe our Xyfection franchise offers an excellent opportunity to be part of a market that will only continue to grow in the wake of the novel coronavirus – a pandemic that unfortunately appears will be a constant in our lives for much time to come.

But let me say that the proprietary Xyfection system was born more than two years ago when I saw the need for an electrostatic disinfection service for customers across the board – from commercial and industrial to municipal and residential. You see, I’ve been in the commercial janitorial industry for more than 36 years as founder of CleanStart Systems. There’s a good chance you’ve heard of us, especially if you’re located in the greater New York region. 

The Xyfection concept system has grown steadily since 2018, particularly during the flu season months.  Fast-forward to December of 2019 when my wife, a real history buff, warned me that “we’re in for trouble.” She recognized then what the entire world came to know a couple months later. COVID-19 was here…and by the unfortunate look of things, it may be here to stay.  

The need for the Xyfection system has ramped up exponentially since the beginning of 2020, so much so that we have invested in additional equipment. We are also working with engineers to develop ancillary equipment.

The Xyfection business model has proven to be beyond successful in a short span of time, so we have decided to speed up our franchising timeline.  Right now, we have expanded into areas of our home base state of New York and envision several more Xyfection franchises throughout the state…and are also considering other locations in Florida, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.  

We have prepared this website for you to learn more about this opportunity. If the idea of becoming the owner of a Xyfection franchise is appealing to you, why don’t you fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet online and return it to us?  If it appears as though we would be a good “fit” together, we will call to schedule a meeting.

I appreciate your interest in the Xyfection franchise and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Should you have any questions regarding this franchise opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Robert Blount

To learn more about having your office or facility expertly disinfected with Xyfection, as well as information on our technology or franchise opportunities, get in touch with the Xyfection team today by filling out the short form on our contact page.

Or give us a call at 888-231-6441. Xyfection is based in Auburn, NY.