For those who make their living in the medical and healthcare industries, there’s never been a more important time to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation at your clinic, office or hospital. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to rethink how they go about keeping their workplace safe for patients. At the same time, however, more cleaning companies are jumping on the bandwagon—some with little to no experience working in a clinical healthcare setting.

At Xyfection, we’re committed to helping those who serve the greater good in learning exactly what to look for when choosing a reputable medical office cleaning company. Here are just a few of the most important considerations when deciding who to hire to keep your facility clean and sanitized.

  • What type of cleaning equipment and disinfection technology do they use?

  • When were they established, and were they in the same industry pre-Covid?

  • Do they hold any certifications or special qualifications that make them stand out?

  • How much experience do they have, specifically with medical office cleaning?

  • Are they willing to provide references from others in the healthcare industry?

  • If their rates are questionably low, do they have sound justification for why that is?

This is clearly no time for any business to take chances with fly-by-night cleaning companies, or those exclusively looking to capitalize on the pandemic-related fears of others. At Xyfection, we we’re well-established long before the pandemic, and have continually worked to offer the highest level of commercial cleaning and disinfecting services for those in the medical field.

Visit our Benefits page to learn what sets our technology and process apart, or get in touch to find a provider in your area. You can reach the Xyfection team by phone at 888-231-6441 or write to us any time through our website’s secured contact page.