While our business was built on providing electrostatic disinfection for businesses, the increased demand among homeowners has inspired us to expand our services. Xyfection is excited to announce that we’re now providing residential disinfection for homes, condos, apartments, vacation rentals and more.

Not all providers are the same, though. Many have resorted to inexpensive equipment to minimize their start-up costs. Countless others are using the technology for the first time, essentially learning on the job. At Xyfection, we utilize today’s most innovative technology, and have grown over the years to become recognized as an industry leader.

Xyfection Now Offers Residential Disinfection Services

Electrostatic disinfection offers a long list of benefits, and is far superior to sprays, wipes and other conventional sanitizing methods. If you’re concerned with attaining the absolute highest levels of health and safety within your home, here are just a few of the reasons to get in touch with Xyfection.

  • Electrostatic disinfection has been scientifically proven to kill COVID-19 on contact
  • The disinfecting equipment we use is the most advanced and effective available
  • Electrostatic disinfection reaches vulnerable areas that sprays and wipes miss
  • An affordable way to promote increased health and safety for family and guests
  • Innovative EPA-approved disinfecting technology that offers superior results
  • 360° touchless disinfection for surfaces, furniture, fixtures, appliances and more
  • All Xyfection applications are provided by highly-skilled, certified technicians

As the world gradually transitions back to something that resembles normal, it’s never been more important to ensure a home that’s clean, safe and sanitized. Xyfection is safe, effective and allows re-entry to your home 30 minutes after completion. To get a free estimate or learn more about our home disinfecting services, get in touch with us at your convenience and we’ll help make the process easy.

Xyfection is located in Auburn, NY and has various locations across the state. We can be reached by phone at 888-231-6441 during business hours or via email through our website’s secure confidential contact page.