As the world collectively enters its second year of living through the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, more businesses, families and individuals continue to take proactive measures to help stop the spread of the disease. Understandably, many have resorted to increased cleaning measures around the home and office, complemented by an increased use of bleach, surface cleaners and aerosol disinfectants.

While these are all respectable efforts, they simply can’t match the effectiveness of electrostatic disinfection; an advanced technology that’s EPA-approved and scientifically proven to kill COVID-19 on contact.

Electrostatic Disinfection Is Proven to Kill COVID-19 On Contact

As one of the industry’s most trusted and well-established providers of electrostatic disinfection services, Xyfection offers the highest level of residential and commercial disinfection for those looking to take more aggressive action when it comes to reopening their business or protecting their loved ones and guests.

  • Studies have proven that electrostatic disinfection kills COVID-19 on contact
  • We utilize today’s most advanced electrostatic disinfecting technology and process
  • Electrostatic disinfection provides greater effectiveness than antibacterial sprays
  • Allows businesses to open in as little as 30 minutes after completing the process
  • Electrostatic disinfection is safe, thorough, highly-effective and EPA-approved
  • An effective way to break the chain of pathogenic mobility in homes and offices
  • Xyfection utilizes a team of highly-trained technicians to ensure superior results

Whether you’re a local business concerned with safely reopening, or a homeowner looking to take aggressive measures in protecting your loved ones and guests, Xyfection offers results that far exceed routine cleaning and aerosol disinfectants. We were in business long before the pandemic, and continue to be among the most trusted names in the industry today. Get in touch to learn more, ask questions or schedule service for your home or business.

Xyfection is based in Auburn, NY with locations throughout the entire state. Give us a call at 888-231-6441 for immediate assistance, or write to us via email through our website’s secure and confidential contact page.