Suitable for All Kinds of Applications

From ordinary offices to commercial fitness clubs, from public schools and institutions to factories and retail operations… Xyfection technology can be applied across – and customized -- to an endless array of human environments. We accomplish this through:

  • a range of disinfecting strengths
  • a choice of sprayers (portable, battery-operated vs. plug-in, high-volume base units)
  • and Xyfection’s innate ability to apply a 360 disinfecting mist, wrapping nearly any 3D object in a disinfecting blanket



  • Individual offices or entire office parks – including lobbies, conference rooms, lunch-rooms, workout facilities
  • Medical offices, hospitals & healthcare facilities
  • Childcare & daycare facilities
  • Senior care facilities
  • Select retail facilities, including:
    • Automobile dealerships
    • Health clubs, gyms & spas
    • Rental car facilities
    • Hard-goods retailers (e.g. electronics, appliances, etc.)


  • Government buildings (e.g.: offices, public meeting rooms, courthouses, etc.)
  • Educational facilities & dormitories
  • Transportation
  • Museums


  • Hands-on equipment on factory floors
  • Factory lobbies, conference rooms, cafeterias, workout facilities
  • Materials handling equipment (e.g. forklifts, hand-trucks, etc.)


  • Xyfection may also be used in select residential applications, such as short-term rentals, B&Bs, public spaces in multi-unit housing facilities, among others

To learn more about having your office or facility expertly disinfected with Xyfection, as well as information on our technology or franchise opportunities, get in touch with the Xyfection team today by filling out the short form on our contact page.

Or give us a call at 888-231-6441. Xyfection is based in Auburn, NY.